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Here's who I am & what I do

I am an author and speaker who passionately shares my faith as a prayer warrior. The miracles are the proof-answered prayers that God has displayed through my life and those I pray for. 


A true life story

Rebecca Daluddung's true life story of her journey of faith, love, and hope, empowered by the word of God. Author, speaker, and prayer warrior, Rebecca is passionately sharing the Real Riches God has imparted to her, so that you can also learn, embrace, and discover, if you choose to. Rebecca is also the founder of Charis Now Foundation, a non-profit charity organization for missionaries. In this book, learn

  • The power of faith, -How to pray,

  • The healing capabilities of prayer,

  • The truth about eternal life,

  • The everlasting love of God,

  • The Real Riches,

  • Hope for the hopeless, and much more ...


Do You Believe in Miracles?

Rebecca prayed passionately for individuals in all walks of life. For over ten years, thousands received their miracles. You too can receive, just have Faith in God.


Stories of Miracles are the Real Proofs of God’s divine love through healings, wonders, and mighty miracles, empowered by His word and the Holy Ghost.


Discover the Supernatural GOD through the evidences of His Miraculous works.

• Real Miracles
• Operation of Faith
• Calvary Claim
• Filled with the Holy Ghost
• Got a Baby
• Healed of kidneys transplant
• House SOLD speedily
• $100 Blessings
• Holy Ghost said, “He needs a wife.”
• Supernatural Strength and many more…

“Hey Sister your prayer is very effective.”

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real riches
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